Discovering Jump Indoor

Regularly, Storkeo introduces you to a new partner for your Ninja Parkour and for your leisure center. This week, we present the jump indoor supplier present in our catalog!

Who is Jump Indoor?

Jump Indoor is a manufacturer and supplier of running obstacles for leisure centers. It offers a large number of items to make a tailor-made and fully customizable Ninja Course course. This designer puts at your disposal on Storkeo a wide catalog of game obstacles to enhance your race room and to create your own tailor-made course.

What activity does this provider offer?

If you are looking for a fashionable fun and sports activity, Jump Indoor is the ideal provider. It offers obstacle courses for Warriors and modules to create a challenging course. It is possible to add endless products on your game track to increase the intensity of the race or to simply offer new products regularly to your customers.

Jump indoor also offers suggestions for obstacle courses by level : for children, for novices or for athletes. Thus, you can easily buy the necessary for your room without asking too many questions. It is nevertheless possible to contact the Storkeo team so that a leisure agent can create your room for you according to your needs and desires.

The obstacles are all adjustable. You can adjust them as you wish in order to make them more or less accessible to your audience. And since they are sold individually, it is very easy to buy the ones you need to add them to an already existing race course.

You have the choice of more than 100 obstacles on the online catalog, which can tilt, and whose height can be adjusted to your liking. The possibilities available to you are therefore endless regardless of the difficulty you want to set up or the audience you want to conquer.

What are the different obstacles offered by Jump Indoor?

There are a large number of Ninja Course obstacle choices that can be put in place. Some are must-haves on race courses. Among these, you will find the most popular: climbing walls, hole walls, nets, boards, beams, tires, tunnels and many others.

There are also different categories of barriers that make activities more difficult. Guests may be required to climb, jump, slide, crawl and be suspended. There are therefore a large number of possible variations for these courses with varying levels of difficulty.

In brief

If you already have an indoor obstacle course or want to set up your own in your leisure center, Jump Indoor is the ideal manufacturer. This obstacle provider offers you a wide choice of game modules that allow you to create a tailor-made and fully customizable room for all sports levels and for all audiences.

The Jump Indoor shop on Storkeo:

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