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Your French adventure park builder offers installation and maintenance services for your treetop adventure park. The team is 100% French and each project is made to measure in our French workshops from design to maintenance. It is possible to build parks for all ages: children and adults.

  • Tailor-made tree climbing park
  • 100% customizable
  • Installation and maintenance of adventure parks
  • Design in our French workshops
  • Our manufacturers use 100% French materials

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Your indoor and outdoor adventure park suppliers offer you excellent quality products. Projects for tree climbing parks are tailor-made in our French workshops by leisure professionals.

Urban Koncept offers you a personalized design and a wide choice of layouts so that you can create a unique outdoor leisure center. It is therefore possible to manufacture classic tree climbing workshops or to opt for customization. Thus, you can create your tailor-made adventure park with the structure of your choice.

Urban Koncept is a 100% French team that offers services for your indoor or outdoor adventure park. Whether you are embarking on the creation of a tree climbing park or looking for maintenance services for your park, our team of professionals will be able to satisfy you.


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