Ball Pool for Children’s Indoor Playgrounds

Sold BY: Antalya Park


Install a ball pool in your indoor children’s playground! Our Antalya Park products are perfect for increasing children’s play experience in your amusement parks. We offer you a custom-made children’s ball pool that can be personalized according to your desires.

  • Customizable design
  • Customized size

From 160,00/m2

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Discover our ball pools designed specifically for indoor children’s playgrounds. It is possible to customize your pool by adding your colors, your logo or even a theme! This product can match your brand easily. Our ball pools are custom-designed, which makes them adaptable to any room. They can be added to your room without problems.

Need a jungle, pirate or princess themed ball pool? Everything is possible! Antalya Park offers you quality products that meet the standards.


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