Funclimb Custom Climbing Wall

Sold BY: Urban Koncept


The personalized climbing wall is ideal for creating a climbing surface according to your desires. This workshop is tailor-made. You can change the colors of panels and sockets, add modules with horns, timers or buttons. A study of your project will be ideal for an overview of customization.

  • Customizable wall
  • Made to measure
  • 100% French manufacturer and material
  • Secure workshop for climbers
  • Trublue® self-belay system

From 8300,00/Pcs

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The Funclimb personalized climbing wall allows you to make tailor-made workshops according to your desires and your needs. It is possible to choose the color, the mood, the themes and many others. Thus, you will be able to carry out the Funclimb course of your wishes and you will be able to propose a unique style specific to your brand.

Funclimb products have a self-belay system allowing the personalized climbing wall to be secured. Customers can then be autonomous. Our team of Urban Koncept designers offers you high quality and very secure made in France products. We collaborate with manufacturers who work with exclusively French products.


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