Funclimb Light Wall


This luminous and interactive wall requires agility and flexibility. The goal is to turn off the lights while climbing on the surface. This workshop is added to your Funclimb course. This activity is secure thanks to the self-belaying system and allows your clients to be independent in the practice of climbing.

  • Illuminated interactive wall
  • French materials and manufacturers
  • Made in France
  • Trublue® self-belay system

From 9100,00/Pcs

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This luminous wall is a fun and interactive activity designed for Funclimb climbing routes. The goal of this workshop is to climb on the wall and turn off the light sockets. Climbing is then more fun and it requires a certain speed. Flexibility and endurance will be required to successfully pass the test of this luminous wall.

Personalize your climbing route with the many workshops available. Funclimb is equipped with a self-belay system to avoid safety problems and thus make climbing relatively autonomous. Your Urban Koncept suppliers and designers are French.


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