Swifty Touch Long Term Rental – Interactive Gaming Table

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Discover our interactive children’s play table with its exclusive games. Swifty Touch is an entertainment source for the youngest designed to occupy 1 to 8 simultaneous players.

  • Intervention rate less than 1%
  • 2 models: Swifty Touch 43 (720 mm x 1130 mm x 720 mm) / Swifty Touch 32 (720 mm x 850 mm x 550 mm)
  • Rates: 137 € H.T / month (over 60 months) / 167 € H.T / month (over 48 months)
  • Weight: 70 kg / 60 kg
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Up to 8 simultaneous users
  • Space optimization for 8 players with minimal footprint
  • Complete management with your administration interface
  • Extensive catalog of new console-quality 3D video games
  • French design

From 137,00/service

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Benefit from French expertise to boost activity in your establishment. Our goal is to increase attendance in your company by offering an interactive table and wall rental solution for children. This attraction is the perfect addition to occupy a group of kids with console-quality 3D games developed in France. This product fits very well in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, airports, playgrounds, etc.

Thanks to its catalog of varied games and its informative aspect, our table immediately pleases children. It can gather up to 8 players at the same time without necessarily taking up a lot of space. To better adapt to your space and needs, this product is available in 2 sizes. With an intervention rate of less than 1%, the Swifty Touch is a particularly reliable one.

In more than a fifth of cases, the child chooses the restaurant for the family, so don’t wait any longer and rent Swifty Touch!


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