Swifty Wall Long Term Rental – Touch Wall Screen

Sold BY: Swifty Games


Rent the touchscreen wall display specially designed to entertain children in your establishment. The Swifty Wall is our high-tech accessory suitable for intensive use ideal for 1 or 2 players.

  • Intervention rate less than 0.5%
  • Sizes: small / medium / XXL
  • Rates: 66 € H.T / month (over 60 months) / 79 € H.T / month (over 48 months)
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Up to 2 simultaneous users
  • From 4 years old
  • Complete management with your administration interface
  • Extensive catalog of new console-quality 3D video games
  • French design

From 66,00/service

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At DREAMTRONIC, we have designed the SWIFTY GAMES range designed to improve attendance in your company. Swifty Wall is our ideal wall screen to keep children from 4 years old with a minimum of space. This accessory for 1 or 2 children is aimed at leisure professionals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms and more.

This product adapts to all spaces, it is enough to have a wall where children can play. Available in 3 sizes, Swifty Wall has the dimensions you need. In addition to occupying very little space, this product is easy to install, maintain and use. This screen is designed for intensive use, its intervention rate of less than 0.5% proves it. Our touch screen is equipped with an extensive catalog of exclusive 3D games. These console-grade games are designed in France.

Our solutions increase your attendance by 25% on average. So don’t wait any longer and choose swifty Games’ know-how to develop your brand.


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