Aerostrike Multiplayer Interactive Workshop

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Fast and engaging, the Aerostrike Workshop is the new must-have multiplayer game for trampoline parks. Offer this fun activity to your customers to increase the sensations of play.

  • High tech
  • Tailor-made and customizable
  • Easy installation
  • Free access
  • Validated by Control Body

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Aerostrike multiplayer interactive workshop for indoor leisure park.

A high-tech precision game where the goal is to send the most balls into the interactive target. Fun and intense duels, perfect for competitors in your trampoline park.

The pace is fast and challenging, just 2 minutes per game, testing participants’ timing and precision. The rotation of the workshop is done in free access thanks to its automatic panel which manages the times of games and the scores, this activity does not require supervision.

Customizable, dynamic and interactive, this structure reacts to game actions with LED flashes and sound effects to announce goals and victory with sounds specific to each player. Aeostrike is the ideal interactive workshop to attract and offer your customers activities outside their comfort zone.


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