Basketball Trampoline Park Area

Sold BY: Urban Koncept


Have your players build a basketball sports workshop. They will be able to practice putting baskets while taking advantage of the trampolines for support. These Park trampoline areas are designed by your Urban Koncept supplier. The product is made to measure according to your characteristics in order to meet your requirements as much as possible. The design and installation of its basketball areas for trampoline Park are made by a French team.

  • Dimensions: between 15 m 2 and 50 m 2
  • Customizable colors
  • Baskets of different heights
  • Fun and sports area

From 540,00/m2

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This workshop is a basketball area for Park trampoline. Just add these baskets on specific walls or walls of different heights to offer more challenge to your players. They will be able to “dunk” or train for the NBA. Trampolines add ease to this sport and make it a fun activity. Users will thus be able to improve their accuracy and succeed in all their baskets.

Our Zone trampoline park baskets have been specially designed for safety and durability. Our team of French suppliers Ubran Koncept offers you workshops for high quality trampoline parks. We work with manufacturers committed to a doctrine of quality.


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