Bridge of Monkeys for tree climbing

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The monkey bridge workshop is a popular activity for experienced adventurers. It is composed of a rope on which you will have to walk to pass to the next platform. This activity is a must for tree climbing parks. Our French designers and installers carry out each workshop in their French premises.

  • Balance rope
  • Advanced level of tree climbing
  • Designed in French workshops
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Our manufacturers are committed to a doctrine of quality

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The rope bridge is a complex and difficult workshop. It is composed of a single rope extended on either side of the platforms. The goal is simple, you have to keep your balance on the rope in order to access the next activity. This workshop requires a lot of concentration, balance and patience. You have to know how to fully control yourself to avoid shaking and falling. In addition, this layout is made for experienced adventurers who wish to increase the level of their tree climbing sport.

Your Urban Koncept suppliers carry out adventure workshops for your treetop adventure parks. Backed by extensive experience in the leisure sector, we will be able to assist you in the creation of your own routes or in the development of your parks. Installation and maintenance services are also available to meet your expectations as much as possible and create a unique secure fleet.


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