Dodge Ball Trampoline Park area

Sold BY: Urban Koncept


Set up your dodgeball playground in your trampoline park. Players will compete in duels or in teams on this dodgeball field specially designed for your Trampoline Park.

  • Mirror arrangement
  • Made to measure in French workshops
  • Sport and leisure for children and adults
  • Customizable workshops
  • manufacturer builder

From 390,00/m2

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Dodgeball is also called dodgeball. It is a team sport that requires a lot of reflexes. This activity is usually played by two teams face to face who must eliminate their opponents with a ball while avoiding getting hit themselves. Trampoline dodgeball requires great concentration and users must be able to aim well. To avoid the ball, players just have to jump and bounce. It is therefore an additional challenge that is added to this playground game.

The manufacture of a dodgeball trampoline park is made to measure by your Urban Koncept suppliers. For this activity, it is essential that the two sides fighting each other have the same support and the same structures. It is therefore necessary to carry out a mirror plan.


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