Children’s Trampoline Area

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Build a children’s trampoline area in your amusement park. The youngest will then be able to enjoy this fun and sporty leisure activity. Each layout is tailor-made with workshops exclusively dedicated to children. The design of each structure is made on plan by our leisure engineering experts in our French workshops.

  • Fun and sporting activities
  • Personalized layout
  • Children’s jumping area
  • Structure for the youngest
  • Designed with the latest innovation in the leisure market
  • Our manufacturers use 100% French materials

From 789,00/m2

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The Trampoline Park is a popular activity for children and adults. Not only does it allow you to have fun but it also improves cardio. It is therefore a fun and sporting activity. It is possible to build a play area completely dedicated to the youngest. The children’s zone trampoline is therefore a space developed and designed only to accommodate the little ones. The trampolines are interconnected and allow you to perform more or less complex jumps. The layout of this play area is tailor-made. It is thus possible to add sports workshops to the youngest.

Urban Koncept is the leading manufacturer of indoor Park trampolines. Each construction is designed in our French workshops with the latest innovation from the leisure market. The zones are created with more or less sporting equipment to allow everyone to fully enjoy the play area.


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