Movable obstacles for trampoline


Create a great obstacle course in your indoor park with these trampoline accessories. Thanks to their mobility, you can position them according to your vision of the play area and the level of acrobatic difficulty desired by your customers.

  • Removable
  • Acrobatic course
  • Adapted to sports practices
  • Validated by Control Body
  • 100% French manufacturing
  • 100% French materials
  • Sold individually

From 310,00/Pcs

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Add fun to your trampoline space with these moving obstacles for an even sportier experience. These structures come in the form of rings, trapezoids and rectangles and offer your customers the experience of an acrobatic journey worthy of a real ninja.

Manufactured and assembled in France, these obstacles to overcome or use as support are the key elements to allow your customers to perform more or less complex jumps on your trampoline Park.


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