PP nets 16 mm Square mesh 200 mm

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The favorite climbing net leisure parks. Made of polypropylene with square meshes and heat-attached knots, our climbing nets are the ideal equipment to complete your tree climbing. The dimensions of this product are tailor- made to allow specific adaptation to your needs and facilitate its integration into your adventure course.

  • Nets 5 m x 1 m
  • In polypropylene Ø16 mm
  • Color black
  • Square mesh 200 mm
  • Heat-set overlock
  • Fall arrest net compliant with standard EN 1263-1

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Our climbing nets is the essential accessory of leisure parks and tree climbing. In 200 mm square mesh and with heat-fixed knots, this net is made of polypropylene Ø16mm. It is the ideal accessory to complete an adventure course with climbing workshops.

Available in black with tailor-made dimensions, our products are designed to adapt to your specific needs and integrate easily into your route at height while preserving the natural setting of the site. Offer a complete and unique tree climbing experience according to your vision.


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