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A course made up of 8 games for children aged 4 to 13.


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The activity that allows young people to develop their self-confidence and initiative by exploring new sensations of balance and agility. This course is suitable for children from 4 to 13 years old . Practitioners evolve 2 meters from the ground, on games of varying difficulty, but with guaranteed pleasure and sensations, in total safety: Continuous lifeline (practitioners never unhook).

The structure is made up of 8 posts and therefore 8 different games. The structure can accommodate up to 15 young people at the same time, in maximum operation,

Capacity of 60 – 75 young people per hour.

Dimension : Height: 4 meters; Length: 14 meters; Width on the ground: 4.5 meters. (Bulk space: 50 m2)

Assembly time: 3-4 hours. Dismantling time: 2-3 hours.

Self-supporting structure, no anchoring in the ground.



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