White polypropylene rope

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Secure your courses at heights and tree climbing workshops with our 100 meter long polypropylene rope. This equipment is essential for setting up and adjusting wooden structures and workshops in your leisure park.

  • Crown 100 m long
  • In polypropylene Ø10 mm
  • color white

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This 100 m white polypropylene rope for leisure parks is the ideal equipment for an adventure park. Our rope allows the installation and adjustment of wooden workshops such as our footbridges, pendulums and suspension bridges made in France. This rope is made of 10mm diameter propylene with a 100m long crown.

Create a sensational and safe course with our protection and maintenance equipment. Our team supports you in your tailor-made adventure park projects by offering you all the essentials for leisure professionals: manufacturers, workshops and spare parts at the best prices. Do not hesitate to contact us, our technical department is available to answer all your questions.


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