Swing module to step over

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This swing to step over is a perilous module for young adventurers eager for sensations. Offer this layout to your users for who take up the challenge! Amazone Adventure designs workshops for adventure parks.

  • Easy and quick to install module
  • Designed in pine or larch wood
  • Made with two logs
  • Ø80 x 560
  • With cable tie and acorn nut
  • Galvanized cable Ø5 mm

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The swing to step over is a module made for adventure parks. It has two wooden logs. The first is located at the level of the user’s feet and the second is placed a little higher. The goal of this activity is to step over the second log without falling. This swing is added to your route in addition to the classic version.

Amazone Adventure is your manufacturer and supplier specializing in adventure parks . We offer several choices of facilities and services for your tree climbing center. Our expert advice allows you to build your tailor-made park.


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