Virtual reality room designer

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Your manufacturer and designer of arcades and games offers a wide range of products and services to develop your personalized space. Offer high quality products to your customers. It is possible to create a VR zone or a classic video game zone. For more information on your future arcade or game room, make an online quote.

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Our designer and manufacturer of virtual reality rooms for professionals offers you a wide choice of games. It is possible to play video games, virtual reality (VR), arcades, game terminals. It all depends on your project and your desires. Offer a playroom to your children and adults in your leisure center. Our French manufacturers design structures and games according to your requests.

The games exploit all the possibilities of Virtual Reality which allows to bring fun and adrenaline to the players. Wanadev offers you the design of your tailor-made virtual reality room. Our Lyonnaise team designs rooms and develops video games for leisure professionals.


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