Jump Ringz Timer Bracelets Trampoline Shock

$73.28 /pcs

Facilitate the management of your park and generate additional revenue with Jump Ringz smart wristbands. This accessory, equipped with LEDs, allows you to identify visitors at the end of their journey and maximize your daily entries. Secure and economical, it's a must-have for your amusement park!

  • Magnetic closure
  • Water and impact resistant
  • 11 hours of autonomy
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Blue/red colored leds
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Maximize your park's revenue with Jump Ringz smart wristbands. No more stressful day-to-day visitor management. 

This accessory makes entry and exit more fluid and increases the capacity of your leisure complex. It also reduces the need for supervision and saves your staff time.

These secure wristbands are to be attached to the wrists of customers by your employees. Impact and water resistant, this product is rechargeable and has a battery life of 11 hours. Visitors cannot remove them, a magnetic closure can only be opened by your staff.

The bracelet is activated at the checkout at the entrance of your park. Once the countdown starts, the wristband sends pulses of blue light to inform that the time limit has not been reached. The LEDs are bright and easily visible. When the time limit is reached, the wristband emits more powerful red flashes. This luminescent system allows for quick identification of customers at the end of the package.

Convenient and secure, Jump Ringz wristbands replace the use of tickets and papers and are tamper proof.

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