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Do you have a project to create a park, but don't know where to start?  Don't wait any longer to benefit from a single contact  for a turnkey project.

Specializing in the development and operation of leisure parks, our team of professionals supports you in each stage of your project.

Location search, selection of activities, flow management, design of your spaces, implementation, construction site monitoring, Storkeo and its partners offer you  free  and complete support to ensure your success.

Our turnkey solution
Steps to create your park
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Setting up a park is an undertaking that requires extensive knowledge and attention to detail. With Storkeo, you benefit from a turnkey solution, eliminating hassle and uncertainty:

  • Personalized Assessment:  ropes course park vision .
  • Real estate search:  Our extensive network allows us to connect you with perfect sites, respecting both your budget and your technical requirements.
  • Design and Construction:  ropes course installation experts oversee every step, ensuring your park is not only fun but also safe.
  • Maintenance and spare parts:  The longevity of your investment is crucial. Storkeo provides a robust maintenance service and access to a wide range of spare parts.

With Storkeo, your vision of a ropes course becomes a tangible, smooth and hassle-free reality.

The success of a park depends on careful planning. Here’s how Storkeo supports you:

  • Contact:  A constructive exchange with a dedicated project manager to identify your needs.
  • Presentation:  We present activity designs adapted to your vision.
  • Pre-file:  Development of a project file, integrating your feedback and forecasts.
  • Final study:  Finalization of construction plans and financial proposal.
  • Signature:  Formalization of agreements and start-up.
  • Execution:  Rigorous monitoring of the site, ensuring smooth completion.
  • Maintenance:  A long-term commitment to the sustainability of your fleet.

Investing in a park is a major decision that requires rigorous financial planning and appropriate support. Storkeo, recognizing the financial challenges of this project, is committed to providing you with advantageous financing solutions:

  • Financial Assessment:  Above all, we carry out an in-depth assessment of the financial viability of your project. This step allows us to understand the resources you have and the needs you may have.
  • Banking Partnerships:  Thanks to our solid relationships with the main financial players, we are able to offer you advantageous agreements for the financing of your project.
  • Advice and Support:  Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process, ensuring that every decision made is in your best interest.
  • Tailor-made Solutions:  Understanding that each project is unique, we offer personalized financial solutions, adapted to your needs and your long-term vision.

With Storkeo, your park will not just be a dream, but a tangible reality, financed wisely and strategically.

Finding the ideal location for your park is essential to ensuring its success. Storkeo, with its deep expertise in professional real estate, is there to ensure that every detail is taken into account:

  • Site Analysis:  First of all, we carry out a detailed study of potential locations to ensure that they are suitable for the installation and operation of a ropes ropes course .
  • Accessibility and Attractiveness:  Beyond the simple availability of a space, it is crucial to take into account the ease of access for customers, the visibility of the site and its natural appeal.
  • Real Estate Negotiations:  Our team of real estate experts are skilled in obtaining the best deals, whether you want to buy or rent the land.
  • Regulatory Compliance:  We ensure that each selected site complies with all applicable regulations, ensuring a smooth transition from the purchase or rental process to park construction.

The location of your park is one of the keys to its success. With the help of Storkeo, you will be sure to make the best choice to maximize your return on investment and satisfy your future customers.

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Whether you are at the beginning of creating your park or at the end, our team of leisure professionals offers you multiple services to facilitate the realization of your project. We follow you from A to Z in the construction of your leisure space. An agent dedicated to your project will find you the best solutions at each key stage. We provide you with simple and clear support.

What are the steps in creating a leisure park?

Before starting the creation of your leisure park, you must look for a location, find activities to implement that ensure the profitability of the park, create a strong and engaging image, find means of financing... To simplify these steps, we offer you a turnkey service. We take care of the complete realization of your project. An agent will be responsible for finding and offering you the best solutions to suit your needs and expectations.