Personalized accessories for your leisure park

Explore the art of personalized packaging with Storkeo, where functionality meets creativity to elevate the customer experience. Each pocket, enriched with selected goodies and interactive options such as QR Codes, is an invitation to dive into the world of your park. Offer more than a product, offer a memorable souvenir.

Our goodies

Explore our selection of promotional products, from sports equipment to children's games, with innovative packaging for a quality customer experience.

Payment facility 3x-6x-12x

Take advantage of a tailor-made payment solution from 3 to 12 times free of charge to facilitate your orders while taking advantage of direct debit to secure your purchases.

icon to present Storkeo's storage solutions for grip socks for trampoline parks

Your personalized offer

Build your distinctive offer with our personalization service – choose the promotional items and design that embody the spirit of your brand.

International delivery

Storkeo international delivery ensures fast and reliable receipt of your leisure equipment, no matter where your park is located in the world.

Our packaging solutions

Our selection of customizable packaging combines functionality and style. Whether for bags with handles, with rope closure, or tote bags, we have the option that will highlight your products.

Our packaging is perfect for a wide range of customers, from leisure-seeking young people to businesses looking to provide memorable gifts. They are tailored to capture interest and deliver impactful experiences for all generations and occasions.

We are dedicated to quality and innovation. More than just containers, our packaging is a vehicle for your brand, strengthening the connection with your customers and carrying your message further. They are designed to impress, whether in a professional setting or during a fun time at the park.

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    Our recommendation: Customizable pockets

    Opt for our completely tailor-made pouches: from the logo to the color palette, from the graphic elements to the personalized message, without forgetting the option to integrate a QR Code, every detail is chosen by you to create a lasting impression.

    Pre-filled with a selection of toys and goodies of your choice, our pouches offer a turnkey solution for amusement parks such as trampoline parks and play areas. They save considerable time by eliminating the preparation of birthday presents or other events.

    These pouches are not only practical, they are also a vehicle for your brand and the unique experience you offer, ensuring a memorable memory for each attendee.

      Discover the power of QR Codes

      QR Codes transform the collection and use of customer data into powerful marketing strategies. They enable a targeted and effective approach, where each interaction captures valuable information, providing a clear view of the needs and behaviors of your visitors.

      Use these codes to initiate personalized discount offers, loyalty programs or quick satisfaction surveys. These sales tactics not only encourage loyalty but also boost customer engagement, making each scan an opportunity for rewarding interaction.

      Additionally, QR Codes pave the way for engaging community activities. Set up interactive games, organize challenges or send exclusive event invitations with a simple scan. It's an engaging and innovative way to connect with your audience and solidify community relationships, adding an interactive and fun dimension to the customer experience.

      Your frequently asked questions

      We are here to answer all your questions, don't wait any longer to make an appointment with a project manager.

      Can we order sample pouches before placing a full order?

      Absolutely! We encourage sample orders so you can test the quality and effectiveness of our customizable packaging before committing to a larger order.

      How can QR Codes be used to track the ROI of marketing campaigns?

      QR Codes can be integrated into your campaigns to trace customer interaction, from opening the pouches to subsequent purchases. This allows for accurate analysis of customer behavior and the effectiveness of your marketing.

      How can we ensure that the products selected in the pockets correspond to the park's brand image?

      We work closely with you to select products that not only appeal to recipients but also accurately reflect your brand and values.

      Is there a minimum order to benefit from the customization options?

      Yes, we offer flexible solutions adapted to best meet your needs.

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      Discover our personalized accessories for leisure parks

      Increase the appeal of your park with our custom accessories, designed specifically to enhance each visitor's experience. Whether for special events, birthdays or simply to offer a daily personal touch, our personalized products bring that undeniable added value to your offer.

      Our personalized accessories aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they are also functional and designed to meet the specific requirements of leisure park environments. From handle bags to clutches and tote bags, each item is made with premium materials to ensure durability and satisfaction.

      By integrating elements such as QR Codes or personalized messages, our accessories become more than just products; they turn into powerful marketing tools. They not only help build your brand, but also engage and retain your customer base, making every interaction an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your visitors.

      Choosing our personalized accessories means choosing excellence, innovation, and uncompromising customer service. Make sure every detail of your park reflects the quality and commitment you promise to your customers.