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Storkeo is your trusted manufacturer specializing in Action Games. We combine technological innovation and industry expertise to deliver high-quality installations. Our Action Games provide a unique leisure experience, which makes them not only attractive to the public but also profitable for operators and investors.


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Equipment supplier for action games

In the ever-changing entertainment industry, the importance of choosing a reliable and innovative manufacturer for your Action Game cannot be underestimated. Storkeo has established itself as the leading choice for leisure operators, investors and industry professionals seeking cutting-edge solutions. With years of experience designing, building and maintaining action gaming facilities, we understand the specific needs of each client and offer customized solutions that maximize profitability and user engagement.

Our Action Games incorporate cutting-edge technologies to ensure an exceptional user experience, including real-time tracking equipment, scoring systems and interactive elements that keep players engaged. This technology-driven approach, combined with our deep understanding of the market, allows our partners to operate facilities that exceed user expectations and generate significant revenue.

In addition to our design and technology expertise, we offer comprehensive support at every stage of the project, from initial assessment to ongoing maintenance. Our strong partnerships with financial institutions allow you to find financing solutions that fit your needs, while our extensive supplier network ensures you have access to the best parts and after-sales service.

Choosing Storkeo as your Action Game manufacturer means investing in a sustainable and profitable solution that will put you at the forefront of the leisure industry. For unmatched quality, innovation and return on investment, make Storkeo your number one choice.