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Storkeo transforms karaoke into an unrivaled experience. With our expertise in design and technology, each space we create is more than just a room: it's a stage where passions are expressed. Our dedication to quality and innovation guarantees top-notch entertainment.  


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In the dynamic and constantly evolving world of leisure, Storkeo positions itself as an essential reference in the design and construction of karaoke rooms. With unrivaled expertise, we combine innovation, cutting-edge technology and passion to deliver premium karaoke solutions.

Karaoke, much more than just entertainment, is a social and musical experience that unites people. At Storkeo, we understand the importance of this experience. That's why each room we design is the result of an in-depth study of current trends, combined with advanced sound technology to guarantee perfect acoustics.

Our karaoke projects, shaped by a team of dedicated experts and architects, are designed to fit harmoniously into any space, whether dedicated establishments or multi-purpose spaces within leisure complexes . We take into account every detail, from ambient lighting to sound systems, including the selection of an always up-to-date playlist.

Storkeo is also synonymous with sustainability. Our facilities are built to last, using quality materials and respecting environmental standards. Additionally, through our extensive network of suppliers and partners, we offer a full range of accessories and equipment to enrich the karaoke experience.

With Storkeo, investing in karaoke means choosing excellence, performance and guaranteed profitability. Join us in this symphony of success and make your brand resonate in the world of music entertainment.