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Discover Storkeo’s ninja courses: adventure, safety and customization for a unique leisure activity.

Storkeo is your ninja course provider

Immerse yourself in the world of making ninja courses with Storkeo. Our expertise combines innovation, superior quality and personalized design to create unforgettable experiences. Discover our unique design and construction process that sets our courses apart. Click to explore our achievements and start your tailor-made project.


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Ninja platform jump


Hanging doors ninja course


Race on suspended bars ninja course


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Discover Storkeo’s ninja courses

Enter the exciting world of ninja courses with Storkeo. Our facilities are designed to provide both entertainment and physical challenges, suitable for all ages and skill levels. From innovative obstacles to captivating designs, our courses are the ideal choice to enrich your leisure space.

Ninja Course: An adventure for every age

Storkeo's ninja courses are designed to be accessible and stimulating for children, adolescents and adults. With a variety of obstacles, from simple balancing courses to complex climbing challenges, each participant will find a challenge to suit them, while having fun and improving their fitness.

Safety and sustainability: our commitments

Security is our priority at Storkeo. Each ninja course is designed with high-quality materials and built to exacting standards to ensure a safe experience for everyone. In addition, we are committed to an eco-responsible approach, by choosing sustainable materials and adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Customization according to your needs

At Storkeo, we know that each leisure space is unique. That's why we offer comprehensive customization services. From course design to obstacle selection, we work with you to create a ninja course that perfectly matches your vision and needs.

Professional installation and maintenance

Our expert team takes care of everything, from professional installation to regular maintenance. We ensure your ninja course remains in tip-top condition, providing a quality, hassle-free experience for your customers.