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We accompany you to find the ideal partner for all your projects. Artificial wave, Laser game, Trampoline park, Tree climbing, Virtual reality, etc …  Carrying out your leisure park development project has never been easier thanks to storkeo’s 100% free consulting solution

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Storkeo is a marketplace for a large number of manufacturers and suppliers specializing in products and services for the entertainment industry. Whether you have a Trampoline Park, an adventure park, a multiplex of leisure, an adventure park or an active leisure center, you will find here everything you need for your activity. Our team of Storkeo professionals, specialized in leisure activities, will accompany you in your purchases to compare the different suppliers so that you have the most suitable products for your needs, at the best price and with the best services for your center. With our grouped purchasing solution, benefit from discounts and take advantage of the best prices. Thanks to our advice and expertise, you will save money on the products and services available on our site.

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On Storkeo you will find manufacturers and suppliers specialized in leisure articles. It is the 1st group buying site for leisure professionals. Make your purchases and save money thanks to our Marketplace. Our team made in France offers you fair prices, quality products and a comparator to best meet your needs. Thus, you will find everything you need for your Trampoline Park, Europes Courses, multiplexes, adventure parks and other active leisure centers.

Category other activities storkeo virtual reality vr ninja warrior climbing