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Storkeo, partner of leaders in the creation of laser game arenas, combining expertise and innovation to meet the requirements of leisure professionals.

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Storkeo, an indisputable reference in the active leisure industry, positions itself as a leading manufacturer and builder of laser game arenas on the international market. Thanks to an approach combining expertise, innovation and quality, we design installations that offer an immersive, dynamic and avant-garde laser game experience.

The world of laser game, with its bright lights and tactical strategies, attracts a varied audience. At Storkeo, we understand this diversity and are committed to producing spaces that suit all tastes. Whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to integrate a laser game installation into your leisure park or a professional looking for expansion, Storkeo is the partner you can count on.

The key to our success lies in our ability to merge cutting-edge technology, innovative design and safety features. It is this combination that ensures not only an exceptional user experience, but also maximum sustainability and profitability for our professional customers.

Additionally, as a major player in the leisure industry, we have a holistic view of construction. This, coupled with our extensive spare parts inventory and multi-technical maintenance services, makes Storkeo a one-stop shop for all things laser tag.

The laser tag industry is constantly evolving. By choosing Storkeo, you are aligning yourself with a leader who not only understands current trends, but also anticipates future market needs. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating high-quality play spaces make us the obvious choice for professionals who want to stand out in this competitive industry.

Invest in the future of entertainment by choosing Storkeo, the laser game manufacturer and builder that places quality, innovation and customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does. Join us in our quest to push the boundaries of laser gaming and deliver unforgettable experiences for every player.