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This model of pro trampoline grip socks is 100% customizable. This quality range is ideal for promoting your park while ensuring the safety of your customers.

  • High sleeves
  • Compression band in the sleeves
  • Reinforcement points on the ankles
  • Compression band on the flat of the foot
  • Tight and more resistant weave
  • Custom anti-slip gel on the sole
  • Custom logo and design according to your wishes

This professional non-slip sock is the most common model in trampoline parks. Ideal for promoting your leisure park while ensuring the safety of your customers, this accessory is a must-have!

These jumping socks have a mid-cut cut stopping above the ankles. They are therefore perfectly adapted to the different levels of your users.

This high quality product has a reinforced mesh and additional tightening bands. It is also 100% customizable, which allows you to highlight your brand to your taste and desires. You can also choose originality by personalizing your models with our teams of active leisure professionals.

Thanks to group purchases, you will benefit from a single price regardless of the quantity. Storkeo offers equipment for leisure parks at an exceptional price!

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XS, S, M, L, XL

Size guide

XS 12-13 18-24 8-10 CHILD 9-11 CHILD
S 15-16 25-32 12 CHILD, 2 ADULT 13 CHILD, 3 ADULT
M 18-19 33-37 2-5 ADULT 3-6 ADULT
L 21-22 38-42 5-8 ADULT 6-9 ADULT
XL 24-25 43-46 8-10 ADULT 9-11 ADULT

*The cm correspond to the length under the foot. *Special XXL series - very large size 47+, available on request. *Sizes may vary slightly depending on materials.

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