Trampoline park springs

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180mm tension springs for trampolines, supplied by Alcomex, the German benchmark manufacturer of spare parts for trampoline park professionals.

  • Lot of 100 pieces
  • 4 sizes: 180mm, 185mm, 210mm, 270mm
  • 2 models: stainless steel, class C steel wire
  • High frequency conical
  • DIN standard standards
  • Made in Germany

These 180mm trampoline springs for leisure professionals are ideal for the German specialist in high frequency tension springs for Park trampolines. Alcomex offers 2 models designed based on DIN standards. One is class C spring steel wire according to EN 10270-1-SH, and the other is spring stainless steel according to EN 1020-3-SH.

The trampolines in your parks need upkeep and maintenance, particularly to renew the springs. Choose Alcomex material, durable over the long term, these tension springs are suitable for the intensive use of Trampolines Park.

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180, 185, 210, 270


Galvanized steel, Class C steel wire

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Rebound performance

Easy installation

Minimal maintenance

Made with robust materials, these springs resist wear and corrosion, promising a long life even under heavy use.

Our springs provide excellent rebound performance, ensuring an exciting and safe user experience.

The simplicity of spring installation allows for rapid commissioning of your trampoline park, saving time and resources.

The quality of these springs ensures reduced maintenance, allowing efficient and economical management of your fleet.

Your frequently asked questions

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What is the estimated lifespan of the springs?

High quality trampoline park springs can last for several years, depending on intensity of use and maintenance.

What are the spring selection criteria?

Size, resistance and material are essential criteria for choosing springs suitable for your trampoline park.

Is it possible to get custom springs?

Yes, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each fleet.

How to maintain springs to ensure their longevity?

Regular cleaning and inspections for wear and corrosion are recommended to maintain spring performance.

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Opt for quality with trampoline park springs

Trampoline park springs are crucial components that ensure safety and user satisfaction. By choosing the quality springs offered by Storkeo, you are choosing excellence. Their unrivaled rebound performance, durability and ease of installation and maintenance make them a wise investment. Adapt your trampoline park to the requirements of leisure professionals by opting for our springs.

A sustainable investment

Investing in high quality springs for your trampoline park is a decision that will positively impact user satisfaction and the management of your park. The springs offered are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring you get a favorable return on investment.

Safety and performance assured

Safety is a major concern for any trampoline park operator. The springs we offer are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. The bounce performance they provide ensures not only exciting jumps but also safe landings, contributing to the overall safety of the equipment.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Saving time when installing and maintaining springs is crucial to ensuring efficient operation of your trampoline park. The springs offered are designed for quick installation, without the need for special technical skills. In addition, their robustness ensures minimal maintenance, which reduces operational costs in the long term.

User satisfaction and return on investment

By providing an improved user experience, high-quality springs help build customer loyalty and increase attendance at your park. A well-equipped trampoline park is an undeniable asset for attracting and retaining visitors. The choice of reliable and efficient springs is therefore a strategic decision that positively impacts your return on investment.