Zipline arrival kit

480.00 /pcs

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This zipline arrival kit is a wooden structure that allows your customers to arrive smoothly. Fixed at a height, the platform receives visitors coming off the zip line, preserving the natural charm of your site.

  • In wood Autoclave pine class IV or natural larch class 3
  • Round platform Ø 1,500mm
  • Fixing by clamping
  • Pre-assembled half trays
  • Floor thickness 35 mm
  • Zinc-plated steel hardware
  • Mattress with footprint – foam thickness: 200 mm

This zipline arrival platform kit for ropes course is essential for your zipline . Your experts in the creation of leisure parks, Amazone Adventure, will support you with complete peace of mind in the creation of your project.

This model is equipped with a landing mattress, a handle and a pedal to facilitate the exit of visitors onto the zip line workshop

Manufacturer, constructor
of ropes course

The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth

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