Gloves for ropes course

The ropes course , a unique blend of adventure and communion with nature, requires serious preparation. Each piece of equipment plays a crucial role, and overlooking a detail can be risky.

Gloves, often underestimated, are the first line of defense against abrasions and scrapes. They guarantee a solid grip and precise handling of ropes and equipment.

Our selection of gloves for ropes course is the result of in-depth research. Each pair is designed to provide the best balance of comfort, durability and protection, ensuring an experience at height that is both safe and enjoyable.     

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Durable materials

We are proud to offer a range of customizable gloves, available in various materials to meet the specific needs of each adventure park and ropes course . Here's a look at our polycotton and polyester options, each offering unique benefits.

  • Polycotton gloves: combine the softness and comfort of cotton with the strength and durability of polyester. This hybrid composition ensures a comfortable user experience thanks to the natural breathability of cotton, while benefiting from the strength and ease of maintenance of polyester. Ideal for use in moderate conditions, these gloves offer good grip and are ideally suited to activities requiring manual precision and reliable protection against light abrasions.
  • Polyester Gloves: Designed to provide superior strength and increased durability, even in the most demanding conditions. Polyester is a synthetic fiber known for its ability to repel water and dry quickly, making it an ideal choice for adventure parks exposed to varied elements. These gloves are lightweight, provide excellent grip and resist wear well, ensuring a long life even with intensive use.

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Take advantage of a tailor-made payment solution from 3 to 12 installments free of charge to facilitate your orders while taking advantage of warranty extensions and direct debit to secure your purchases.

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International storage solution

Take advantage of a permanent stock close to your fleet for more flexibility and delivery within 24 hours.

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Opt for our flexible delivery format: Same-day departure for in-stock models and within 25 days for your personalized models, giving you the freedom to choose according to your needs.


At Storkeo, we expand the horizons of safety and style with our unique customization offering for ropes course gloves. Designed to offer superior grip and optimal protection, our gloves are the essential accessory for any adventure park wishing to make an impression while guaranteeing the safety of its visitors.

Here are the customizable elements of our ropes course gloves:

– Material: Select the ideal fabric for a comfortable and durable experience.
– Type of coating: Choose from different types of coatings for optimal adhesion.
– Logo: Add your logo to transform your gloves into a real marketing asset.
– Colors: Choose the color of your choice, matching your style or brand.
– Size: Find the perfect size for a secure and comfortable fit.

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    Types of coatings

    In our continued quest for innovation and customization at Storkeo, we offer a diverse range of coatings for our gloves. Each type of coating has been carefully selected to meet specific needs in terms of durability, comfort and adhesion, ensuring an optimal user experience while highlighting your brand.

    Latex Coating: The latex coating option is ideal for those looking for excellent adhesion and superior flexibility. These gloves offer remarkable resistance to tears and cuts, ensuring robust protection for users. Their texture guarantees a firm and secure grip, perfect for navigating with confidence through ropes ropes course .

    Nitrile Coated: Our nitrile coated gloves are designed to provide superior chemical and oil resistance, while maintaining excellent grip. This option is particularly suitable for environments where resistance to substances is crucial. Nitrile also offers good abrasion resistance and extended life, making it a wise choice for fleets looking for durability and safety.

    Polyurethane Coating: Polyurethane coating combines lightness and tactile sensitivity, while providing reliable adhesion. These gloves are perfect for activities requiring great precision and maximum comfort, without sacrificing safety. Their composition ensures good breathability, thus reducing perspiration and increasing comfort for the user during prolonged use.

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      Polyester spiked gloves

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      Nitrile coated gloves

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      Latex coated gloves

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      Polycotton spiked gloves

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      Whether you opt for gloves ready to send or personalized according to your tastes, we adapt to your tempo:

      – Express departure: Your gloves in stock ready to leave in less than 24 hours.
      – Custom creation: Personalized gloves made especially for you and shipped within 25 days.

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      Size guide


      *Boxes of 400 pairs per size. *Sizes may vary slightly depending on materials. *Customization offered from 3200 pairs, all sizes included.

      Your frequently asked questions

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      What is the importance of gloves in ropes course ?

      Gloves play a crucial role, they offer hand protection against abrasions while ensuring better grip on equipment, which is vital for safety in ropes course .

      How to choose the right size of ropes course gloves?

      It is essential to select a size that fits your hands well, without being too tight, to ensure optimal dexterity and avoid discomfort.

      Are ropes course gloves different from climbing gloves?

      Yes, although both types of gloves offer protection, ropes course gloves are specifically designed to provide better grip on ropes and equipment used in ropes course .

      How do I maintain my ropes course gloves?

      It is recommended to hand wash with mild soap and air dry. Consider exposing them to direct sunlight or machine drying them.

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      Ropes Course Gloves: Protect Your Hands, Improve Your Experience

      ropes course is more than just an outdoor activity: it's a fusion of adrenaline, adventure and appreciation of nature. However, to fully enjoy this experience, it is essential to guarantee your safety, and that starts with choosing the right equipment. Among the essential equipment are gloves for ropes course , which play a decisive role in the protection of the hands and the overall success of the activity.

      The importance of gloves in the world of ropes course cannot be underestimated. Facing various surfaces and textures, from rough ropes to tree bark, hands are constantly exposed to the elements. Quality gloves provide a barrier against these potential abrasions. Additionally, they provide the grip needed to handle equipment with precision, ensuring greater safety at height.

      But the market for ropes course gloves is vast. How to distinguish quality products? This is where we come in. Our selection of the best ropes course gloves has been meticulously developed to present products that combine comfort, durability, and performance. These gloves are not just accessories, but reliable partners in your quest for aerial adventure.

      The key to success in ropes course lies in preparation. With the right gloves, you are not only protected against the elements, but also assured of a strong and reliable grip. Whether you're a ropes course professional or a passionate amateur, investing in quality gloves can make the difference between a memorable experience and an outing fraught with inconvenience. Discover our range and choose safety, performance and comfort.