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Today, Padel is the most fashionable racket sport. Powered by the Iberian regions and now with several million players around the world, Padel has quickly become the viral sport of the moment.

  • Profitability
  • Staffing requirements
  • Child target
  • Teen target
  • Adult target

The prices of a Padel court

Be free to choose the solution best suited to your project. Regardless of the formula chosen, you benefit from the same guarantees.


€17 000


European standards

Manufacturing Türkiye

Open finish


€18 500


EU design

Manufacturing Spain

Superior quality


€20 000


Design France

12mm tempered glass

High-end finish

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Good to know

This product is suitable for the target group aged 6 to 70 and allows you to benefit from a family clientele during Wednesdays, weekends and school holidays.

The best times are between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays and in the evenings. This is why it is important to energize empty slots with complementary courses or activities.

The price of entry often varies depending on the region. It will cost on average 10€/h (+3€ racket rental) for the general public.

The activity is mainly marketed by the hour and more rarely in open access but we can of course set up annual licenses. 

More compact than traditional tennis courts, maximize your usable surface area and increase your profitability, while providing a high quality playing experience.

For this activity, the main players are European.

New players from Eastern Europe, with know-how and quality products, complete our selection.

The price difference is mainly explained by the origin of the products, the assembly technicians, as well as the finishes.

Production time: approximately 8 weeks

Supervision of this activity is simple and does not require a specific diploma.

Hard ground lasts on average 15 years and we still recommend changing the covering every 7 years.

In addition to our facilities, we support you in your development by allowing you to benefit from exceptional advantages with our partner

Our padel courts

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Our turnkey solution

Steps to create your park

Financing your fleet

Professional real estate

The creation of a Padel court represents a complex adventure, requiring in-depth expertise and coordinated management. With Storkeo, simplify your life with our turnkey solution, which guides you through each step:

  • Personalized assessment: We take the time to study your vision and your objectives to design a Padel court that precisely meets your expectations.

  • Real estate search: Take advantage of our global network of partners to find the ideal location for your court, whether for purchase or rental.

  • Design and construction: Our comprehensive service covers everything from architectural planning through to actual construction, ensuring we meet your deadline and budget.

  • Maintenance and spare parts: Ensure the durability and proper functioning of your court with our maintenance plans and our large catalog of spare parts.

With Storkeo, transform your Padel court project into reality, with ease.

Carrying out your Padel court project with Storkeo is done in several clear and structured steps, for optimal support:

  • Contact: An initial discussion with a project manager to identify your needs and answer all your questions.
  • Presentation: We offer you an overview of the different possibilities, adapted to your project, to inspire you.
  • Pre-file: Development of a preliminary file, based on your feedback and initial evaluations, to realize your vision.
  • Final study: We refine the construction file and finalize the detailed offer for your project.
  • Signature: Formalization of the project by signing contracts, launching the construction phase.
  • Delivery: We assist you when receiving your Padel court and ensure compliance with the guarantee of perfect completion.
  • Financing: We are organizing a new meeting with our financial partners to secure financing for your project.
  • Implementation: Our team takes charge of managing the work, ensuring smooth execution that meets your expectations.
  • Maintenance: Benefit from our complete support for the technical maintenance of your Padel court, available 24/7.

The creation of your Padel court requires a suitable financial strategy. At Storkeo, we facilitate this process through our banking partnerships, offering:

  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our financing solutions to the uniqueness of each project, connecting our clients with the best options available.

  • Strong partnerships: Our network of financial partners offers advantageous conditions, designed specifically for Padel court projects.

  • Support: From start to finish, our team guides you through the different financial options, ensuring the success of your investment.

  • Flexibility: We adapt to changes in your project, helping you adjust your financial strategy according to your needs.

Finding the ideal location for your Padel court is crucial. With Storkeo, benefit from our expertise in professional real estate to ensure the success of your project:

  • In-depth analysis: We evaluate your specific needs to select the best land or building.

  • Variety of choice: Access a wide range of options, available to buy or rent, through our network of partner real estate agencies.

  • Negotiation and acquisition: We support you in negotiations to obtain the best purchase or rental conditions.

  • Feasibility assessment: Before any decision, we check that the chosen site meets all your criteria: size, accessibility, and compliance with regulations.

By choosing Storkeo for the creation of your Padel court, you are opting for a complete solution, from design to maintenance, guaranteeing the success of your project.

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Your frequently asked questions

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What makes Padel an attractive investment?

Padel is attractive due to its growing popularity, its low space requirement and its ability to generate a rapid return on investment.

How long does it take to build a Padel court?

It takes approximately 8 weeks for production and 3 days per field for installation.

What are the costs associated with the construction of a Padel court?

Costs vary depending on project specifications. We do a free feasibility study to meet your specific needs.

How does Storkeo ensure the quality and conformity of its Padel courts?

Our strict standards and our collaboration with certified suppliers guarantee the quality and conformity of each court.

How big is a padel court?

Dimensions of the court: 20.00 x 10.00 m or 200 m².

Height: 4.00 m on the widths and returns and 3.00 m on the lengths.

Where can you install a padel court?

Padel courts can be installed indoors or outdoors. Their size being smaller than a tennis court, allows them to be added in a smaller space.

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Everything you need to know about padel

The padel court: versatility and trend

Padel is a racket sport that combines tennis, squash and Basque pelota. The padel court is a significant investment if you want to open a sports area in your center. The padel court being smaller than tennis, it offers better versatility of the sports available, namely: mini tennis, ball tennis, badmington and padel.

Pitches available indoor and outdoor

Padel is an indoor and outdoor sport. You can therefore install a padel court in an enclosed area or outdoors depending on the size of your land.

Specific features of the land:

  • Dimensions of a court: 20.00 x 10.00 m or 200 m².
  • Height: 4.00 m on the widths and returns and 3.00 m on the lengths.

Storkeo offers you 3 ranges of terrain:

Consult one of our leisure agents free of charge to obtain more information or to discuss your project.

Construction of Padel courts

In the constantly evolving world of leisure sports, Padel stands out as a booming activity, attracting a growing number of participants of all ages. At Storkeo, we are proud to support this growth by offering a complete solution for the construction of Padel courts. Our expertise in the design, development, and maintenance of Padel courts positions us as the ideal partner for professionals wishing to invest in this dynamic sport.

Recognized for its ability to generate high profitability with a moderate initial investment, Padel is attractive both for its social aspect and for the physical benefits it provides. Padel courts, requiring less space than traditional tennis courts, offer flexibility in location, making the sport accessible both in urban areas and in less densely populated areas.

Storkeo offers a wide range of services, from finding the ideal site using our real estate expertise, to custom design and construction of courts meeting the highest international standards. Our turnkey approach ensures that every project is carried out with precision, from inception through post-construction maintenance, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability.

Our collaboration with premium material suppliers and attention to detail in every phase of the project reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In addition, Storkeo is committed to offering tailored financing solutions, thus facilitating access to investment in Padel for a wider range of entrepreneurs and organizations.

Investing in the construction of a Padel court with Storkeo means choosing a trusted partner, capable of transforming your vision into reality. Join the growing movement of Padel enthusiasts and contribute to the expansion of this exciting sport by benefiting from our expertise and personalized support. Find out today how we can help you realize your Padel court project, and take part in the future of sporting leisure.