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Karting, invented in the 1950s, is an accessible and profitable mechanical sport. It attracts a varied audience, guaranteeing strong commercial potential.

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Good to know

Karting appeals to a wide age range, from young adventurers to adults seeking adrenaline.

A well-located karting circuit can accommodate an average of 10,000 visitors per month, with a very interesting potential turnover.

The design of a karting circuit involves experts in engineering, urban planning and entertainment. Creating a park can take on average 6 months.

Did you know that karting often serves as a springboard for future Formula 1 stars?

Our turnkey solution
Steps to create your park
Financing your fleet
Professional real estate

Creating a karting park is a complex process that requires expertise and coordination. With Storkeo, benefit from a turnkey solution that simplifies each step:

  • Personalized assessment : We study your vision in depth to design a karting park that exactly meets your expectations.

  • Real estate search : Thanks to our expertise in professional real estate, find the ideal site to accommodate your park.

  • Design and construction : Benefit from a complete service, from architectural planning to completion, respecting your deadlines and your budget.

  • Maintenance and spare parts : To ensure the sustainability of your fleet, we offer complete maintenance solutions and a wide choice of spare parts.

With Storkeo, transform your vision into reality with a turnkey solution.

  • Contact : An initial discussion with a project manager to identify your needs and answer all your questions.

  • Presentation : We will show you a first outline of activities that can meet your request.

  • Pre-file : Creation of your project file, based on your feedback and forecast elements.

  • Final study : We finalize your construction file and your tailor-made offer.

  • Signature : Validation of work contracts and necessary insurance.

  • Delivery : We assist you during reception operations and monitor the guarantee of perfect completion.

  • Financing : Second interview with our banking partners to validate your financial plan.

  • Execution : We coordinate the execution of the work, ensuring rigorous monitoring of the site.

  • Maintenance : Benefit from a complete 24/7 technical maintenance solution and a wide range of spare parts for your fleet.

Realizing a karting park requires a well-crafted financial strategy. At Storkeo, we facilitate this process thanks to our strong partnerships:

  • Customized solutions : Each project is unique. We connect you with the best financial options through our dedicated partners.

  • Guidance throughout the process : From start to finish, we assist you in finding the financial solution that suits you best.

With Storkeo, bringing your project to life has never been easier.

Location is a key factor for success. Storkeo helps you find the ideal site thanks to our expertise in professional real estate:

  • In-depth analysis : We identify your needs to determine the criteria for choosing your land.
  • Variety of Choice : Access a wide selection of land and buildings through our global network.
  • Negotiation and acquisition : We guide you in negotiations to ensure optimal value for money.
  • Feasibility assessment : Before any transaction, we check the compliance of the site according to various criteria.

By opting for Storkeo, you ensure a strategic location for your karting park.

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Your frequently asked questions

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What is the average profitability of a karting circuit?

With good management, expect very competitive ROIs in the karting industry.

What safety standards must be respected?

Storkeo ensures that all international safety and quality standards are met.

How does Storkeo help with financing?

We offer flexible and personalized financing options to ensure the success of your project.

What is the ideal surface area for a karting circuit?

An ideal go-kart track would be at least 500 meters long for the optimal experience.

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Maximize your success with professional karaoke solutions from Storkeo

The world of professional entertainment has seen many changes over the years, but karaoke remains a popular and profitable business. Storkeo, as a professional karaoke manufacturer, offers you turnkey solutions to maximize your investment in this sector. Our karaoke facilities combine cutting-edge technology and innovative design, allowing leisure operators to offer an unforgettable experience to their customers.

The benefits of investing in a karaoke setup are numerous. Aside from the universal appeal that attracts a wide range of ages and demographics, karaoke also offers excellent profitability. With relatively low operating costs and entry rates that can be adjusted based on demand, the return on investment is often quick.

At Storkeo, our design and construction process meets the highest quality standards, ensuring that your karaoke park is not only attractive but also secure and compliant with current regulations. Our solid partnerships with financial institutions allow you to find flexible and advantageous financing solutions for your project.

Whether you are a professional in the leisure sector, an operator looking for diversification or an investor looking for a profitable project, Storkeo is your ideal partner to transform your vision into reality. Opt for quality, reliability and professionalism, choose Storkeo for your next professional karaoke project.