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Emerging in the 2000s, inflatable water parks combine pleasure and safety, offering a unique competitive advantage in the leisure market.

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Good to know

Inflatable water parks attract children and adults alike, offering a varied and new clientele each season.

With an average entry price and a constant flow of visitors, profitability is assured, generating impressive turnover.

Our process is reliable, with renowned players. Costs vary depending on the service, with an average creation time of a few months.

Opting for ecological materials can be a strong marketing asset, reinforcing your sustainable brand image.

Our turnkey solution

Steps to create your park

Financing your fleet

Professional real estate

Creating an inflatable water park requires expertise, innovation and coordination. Storkeo, with its experience, offers a turnkey solution that supports each phase of your project:

  • Personalized assessment:  Each park is unique. After studying your objectives, we conceptualize a tailor-made design to reflect your vision.

  • Real estate search:  Location is essential. Our global partnerships help you identify the perfect location to set up your aquatic activity.

  • Design and construction:  Our team handles everything from initial planning through construction, ensuring quality while meeting your deadline and budget.

  • Maintenance and spare parts:  The longevity of your fleet is crucial. We offer tailored maintenance plans and a stock of parts to ensure the proper functioning of your installation.

  • Contact:  An in-depth discussion with our team to identify your needs and answer your questions.
  • Presentation:  Discovery of models adapted to your vision to nourish your ideas.
  • Pre-file:  Development of an initial plan based on your feedback and our recommendations.
  • Final study:  Accuracy of the details and costs of your aquatic project.
  • Signature:  Formalization of our collaboration through clear and transparent agreements.
  • Delivery:  Full support during the implementation phase, including post-construction monitoring.
  • Financing:  Discussion with our financial partners to make your investment a reality.
  • Achievement:  Supervision of the work and guarantee of impeccable implementation of your water park.
  • Maintenance:  Benefit from complete maintenance management and privileged access to our spare parts.

Investing in an inflatable water park is a major challenge. Storkeo makes this step easier thanks to its trusted partners:

  • Personalized Solutions:  We connect each customer to tailored financial options.
  • Strong partnerships:  Our vast financial network guarantees you advantageous conditions for your investment.
  • Continuous guidance:  From the first draft to launch, we are at your side to optimize every financial decision.
  • Flexibility:  As the market evolves, we guide you to ensure the financial stability of your fleet.

Location is crucial for an inflatable water park. Benefit from Storkeo’s expertise:

  • In-depth analysis:  We identify your requirements to define the perfect site.
  • Variety of Choice:  Our global network opens up a vast selection of land to suit your vision.
  • Negotiation and acquisition:  Our experts support you to obtain the best purchase or rental conditions.
  • Feasibility assessment:  Each site is analyzed in depth to ensure that it fully meets your expectations and regulatory standards.

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How durable is an inflatable water park?

With proper maintenance, our structures can last for several years, providing an excellent return on investment.

Is it possible to have custom designs for my park?

Absolutely! At Storkeo, we work closely with our clients to create unique designs that meet their needs.

What safety standards must be respected?

All our parks meet strict international standards. We guarantee the safety and compliance of each installation.

Can I get training for my team?

Yes, Storkeo offers comprehensive training to ensure efficient and secure management of your fleet.

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Dive into Success with Storkeo Inflatable Water Parks

Inflatable water parks have, over the years, emerged as an essential new trend in the leisure sector. A daring fusion between the excitement of inflatable games and the refreshing coolness of water, these facilities offer a unique leisure experience, loved by children and adults alike.

At Storkeo, we are proud to be at the forefront of this aquatic revolution. Our inflatable water park designs are the result of years of research, innovation and passion. Every element, every slide and every obstacle is designed with attention to detail, ensuring not only fun, but also safety.

Location is essential to the success of a water park. With the growing popularity of these parks, strategic location becomes a deciding factor in maximizing profitability. With our expertise in real estate research, we help our clients choose the ideal location, taking into account demographics, accessibility and competition.

But beyond design and location, profitability is at the heart of every investor’s concerns. Inflatable water parks, due to their modular nature and their attractiveness, guarantee a rapid return on investment. Our studies show a constant increase in attendance at these facilities, testifying to their revenue potential.

It is also essential to note that sustainability plays a crucial role in the construction of inflatable water parks. By choosing high-quality materials and following strict standards, Storkeo ensures that each playpen stands the test of time, while providing an unparalleled user experience.

In conclusion, for those looking to invest in a booming sector, inflatable water parks represent a golden opportunity. Whether you are a water recreation enthusiast or a savvy investor, Storkeo is your partner of choice to realize your vision and navigate your way to success.