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The OCHO+ Hook is cutting-edge safety equipment designed for continuous lifelines:

  • Automatic hook locking in the event of a fall
  • Interchangeable wear V
  • Integrated wear indicator

The OCHO+ Hook is your ideal choice for a continuous lifeline security solution. Made from sturdy aluminum, this safety hook has a breaking strength of 30 kN. It has an automatic locking system in the event of a fall, ensuring maximum safety. The hook is also equipped with an integrated wear indicator and an evacuation system. Compliant with the EN 17109 standard and weighing 364 g, it is the optimal choice for any leisure professional demanding the highest quality and durability.

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Weight 0.364 kg

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Automatic Lock
Integrated Wear Indicator
Integrated Evacuation System
Shockproof Case

The OCHO Hook features an automatic locking mechanism that is triggered in the event of a fall, ensuring unparalleled protection for users.

The presence of a built-in wear indicator allows you to replace the hook at the right time, helping to maintain the highest safety standards in your leisure park.

This hook features a built-in escape system that facilitates rescue operations in the event of an emergency, making this product indispensable for safety-focused parks.

The interchangeable shockproof shell with bi-injection plastic increases durability and provides additional protection against impact and external damage.

Your frequently asked questions

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How to check the condition of the OCHO Hook before use?

It is essential to check the wear indicator and the general condition of the hook before each use. If signs of wear are observed, replace the equipment immediately.

Does the OCHO Hook comply with European standards?

Yes, the hook complies with the EN 17109 standard and is accompanied by an EU type certificate.

How to assemble the OCHO Hook?

A lark's head must be made on the harness trigger guard with the lanyard, then mount the GO 8 mm EPI quick link on the lanyard loop and on the hook hole.

How many times should you check the hook?

The hook should be checked before each use and periodically examined at least once a year.

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Maximum security with the OCHO hook 

If you are looking for a reliable security solution for your leisure park, the OCHO Hook is the optimal choice. Offering a breaking strength of 30 kN, this robust aluminum hook is designed for professionals in the leisure sector.

Ease of installation

With simple assembly instructions, it's easy to integrate the OCHO Hook into any continuous lifeline.

Compliance with European standards

Complying with the EN 17109 standard, this hook is a guarantee of quality and compliance with European regulations.

Durability and maintenance

Its aluminum material and shockproof shell offer exceptional longevity, while facilitating maintenance and replacement operations.