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Designed for safety and ease of use, the ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook is a reliable and affordable solution for all your professional recreational equipment needs.

This product is sold exclusively for parks that are already equipped with the COUDOU lifeline system.

The ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook is a simple and reliable security solution for leisure parks. This hook has been designed to offer excellent value for money whilst being easy to use and maintain. Equipped with an ultra-rapid evacuation system and an automatic return mechanism to the safety position, it complies with the pr EN 17109 standard. It is an optimal choice for professionals looking to invest in durable, maintenance-free equipment.

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Possibility of overtaking
Maintenance free
Excellent value
Ultra-fast evacuation system

Thanks to its unique design, the ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook offers the possibility of overtaking, thus facilitating user movements without compromising safety.

Designed to be sturdy and reliable, this hook requires little to no maintenance, saving you both time and resources.

The ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook is designed to offer excellent value for money. Its durability and reliability make it a wise investment for leisure professionals.

Featuring an ultra-rapid evacuation system with automatic return to the safety position, this hook is ideal for environments requiring rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Your frequently asked questions

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What is the conformity of the standard for the ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook?

The hook complies with standard pr EN 17109.

What type of maintenance is required?

The ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook is designed to be maintenance-free.

Is the hook adaptable to different types of security systems?

Yes, its versatility makes it an ideal choice for various security systems in amusement parks.

How does the ultra-rapid evacuation system work?

It is equipped with an automatic return mechanism to the safety position, which allows rapid and safe evacuation.

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An essential security solution in leisure parks

In the professional leisure industry, nothing is more critical than ensuring user safety. This is where the ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook comes in. Not only does it meet the rigorous criteria of the pr EN 17109 standard, but it goes beyond by offering features that make its use both safe and convenient.

Uncompromising reliability

In an industry where reliability cannot be compromised, this safety hook stands out. With its ultra-fast evacuation system, it allows for immediate response in the event of an emergency, ensuring that users are always safe.

Long term investment

Economy and efficiency are at the heart of every purchasing decision for leisure professionals. The ZAZA 2 COUDOU Hook offers excellent value for money, with no hidden maintenance costs, making it a wise choice for any budget-conscious installation.

Adaptability and simplified use

This hook is not only sturdy and reliable; it is also designed to be easy to use. Its overtaking feature makes its use smoother, providing users with an enhanced experience without sacrificing safety.