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The high grip socks hold the feet perfectly and do not slip. It is an essential accessory for Park trampolines.

  • Customizable Grip: colors and shape
  • Choice of sock colors
  • Possibilities of adding the logo
  • Socks at the best price
  • Anti-slip socks
  • Multiple sizes available for children and adults

Storkeo offers you high grip socks at the best price. Grippy socks are designed specifically for smooth surfaces like Trampoline Park floors. They help prevent slips and the risk of falls. Their non-slip grip adheres to surfaces easily. It is possible to personalize it to add your own style on it. Moreover, the entire sock is customizable: fabric colors, shape and color of the grip, logo. The personalization of this model is ideal because it allows you to stand out. The sale of these socks is also perfect for generating a new source of income in your trampoline park. These high grip socks sit slightly above the ankle which prevents you from losing them.

Our team helps you create your personalized grip socks. Under the advice of a leisure agent or by simply sending your customization criteria, we will take care of providing you with the grip socks of your choice.

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XS, S, M, L, XL

Size guide

XS 12-13 18-24 8-10 CHILD 9-11 CHILD
S 15-16 25-32 12 CHILD, 2 ADULT 13 CHILD, 3 ADULT
M 18-19 33-37 2-5 ADULT 3-6 ADULT
L 21-22 38-42 5-8 ADULT 6-9 ADULT
XL 24-25 43-46 8-10 ADULT 9-11 ADULT

*The cm correspond to the length under the foot. *Special XXL series - very large size 47+, available on request. *Sizes may vary slightly depending on materials.

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