Pouliz and Switch pouch

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The Pouliz and Switch Pochette is an innovative solution for managing pulleys in leisure parks. Compact, practical and universal, it guarantees safety and efficiency. Attaches easily to the harness belt, thanks to 2 snaps.

Designed with 2 drain holes at the bottom for water or dust.
Suitable for all pulley types. Size: 26 x 14 x 7 cm.

Designed to meet the specific needs of leisure parks, the Pouliz and Switch Pochette offers optimal pulley management. Its size of 26 x 14 x 7 cm allows for storage of any type of pulley, while the two drain holes at the bottom ensure the elimination of water and dust. The pressure clip facilitates attachment to the harness, making access to the pulley quick and secure. Its robust and functional design makes it an essential tool for leisure professionals.

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Practicality and security

Universal Design


Easy maintenance

The Pouliz and Switch Pouch is designed to increase practicality and safety in handling pulleys. Its easy attachment to the harness and quick access to the pulleys reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring a safe and pleasant leisure experience.

Its universal design allows the Pouliz and Switch Pouch to adapt to all types of pulleys. This versatility ensures leisure park operators have extensive compatibility, avoiding the need to purchase different models for different pulley types.

Made with high quality materials, the Pouliz and Switch Pouch offers exceptional durability. It resists daily wear and harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring a long-term investment for leisure parks.

Drainage holes for water and dust make the Pouliz and Switch Pochette an easy-to-maintain product. This characteristic ensures optimal hygiene and cleanliness, essential in the environment of leisure parks.

Your frequently asked questions

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How does the Pouliz and Switch Pochette improve safety in leisure parks?

By keeping pulleys accessible and secure, it reduces the risk of tripping and loss, improving overall safety.

Is the Pouliz and Switch Pouch compatible with all pulley sizes?

Yes, its universal design allows it to fit a variety of pulley sizes and types.

What is the lifespan of the Pouliz and Switch Pochette in a leisure park environment?

With its sturdy construction, it is designed to withstand heavy use and outdoor conditions, providing a long lifespan.

Is the Pochette easy to clean?

Yes, the drain holes facilitate cleaning and maintenance, preventing the accumulation of dirt and water.

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Optimization of security with the pouliz and switch pouch

It is a key innovation for leisure professionals, offering a practical solution for pulley management. By allowing easy and safe access to the pulleys, it reduces the risk of accidents, a crucial aspect for safety in leisure parks.

Universal design for all pulleys

Designed to fit all types of pulleys, it is a versatile tool. Its universal size and convenient attachments make it compatible with a wide range of pulleys, simplifying equipment management.

Durability and ease of maintenance

Robust and designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, the Pouliz and Switch Pouch guarantees a long lifespan, even in the most demanding leisure park environments. Drain holes at the bottom allow for easy cleaning and maintain cleanliness.

Versatile benefits for various leisure activities

Ideal for a variety of leisure activities, the Pouch easily adapts to the specific needs of each park. Whether for climbing, zip lines or adventure courses, it offers an efficient and safe storage solution.