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The Spider Net is a high quality polyamide walking net, designed to maximize safety and resistance in your leisure park.

Designed in Ø4.75 mm polyamide with a 50 mm square mesh, the Spider Net is the ideal tool for any leisure professional wishing to improve their space. This net is designed to provide a safe and exciting recreational experience. It incorporates a 10 mm diameter white rope sewn around the edges, ensuring a perfect finish as well as additional safety and resistance. Its versatility makes it an optimal choice for various leisure activities, from adventure parks to indoor play areas.

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High Quality Polyamide

50 mm square mesh

White Rope

Versatility of Use

The Spider Net is made from Ø4.75mm polyamide, offering superior durability and reliability, so your customers enjoy the experience with complete peace of mind.

The 50mm square mesh ensures that the net is both secure and easy to maneuver, ensuring an optimal user experience.

For a perfect finish and to provide additional security, a 10 mm diameter white rope is sewn around the edge of the net.

This netting is ideal for a variety of leisure facilities, from adventure parks to play areas in shopping centers, making the layout of your space more flexible.

Your frequently asked questions

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How is the security of the Spider Net ensured?

Safety is maximized by the use of high quality polyamide and a white rope sewn around the edges.

How durable is the Spider Net?

The net is designed to be durable and strong, thanks to its polyamide material and 50mm square mesh.

How to maintain the Spider Net?

Maintenance is minimized thanks to the robustness of the materials used, but regular checks are recommended to ensure its longevity.

Is the Spider Net suitable for all types of parks?

Yes, its versatility makes it ideal for various types of leisure facilities, from adventure park to indoor play area.

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The Importance of Safety in Your Leisure Park

Safety is an essential criterion for any leisure facility, and this is where the Spider Net excels. Thanks to its white edge-sewn rope, not only does the product achieve high levels of resistance, but it also ensures that customers enjoy their time in complete safety. By investing in high quality equipment like the Spider Net, you are taking an important step towards minimizing risks and incidents in your leisure space.

An Economical and Sustainable Choice

Durability is another advantage of the Spider Net. Thanks to its robust polyamide and its 50 mm square mesh, this net is designed to resist wear over time. This is crucial for leisure professionals, as it helps minimize maintenance and replacement costs, providing an excellent return on investment.

Towards an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the heart of any leisure business, and the Spider Net has been designed with this in mind. Its versatility allows for a multitude of applications, ensuring that every customer finds an activity to suit them, whether it's an outdoor adventure park or a shopping center play area.