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The walking net, made of robust polyamide, offers a unique and safe leisure experience. Ideal for all types of leisure parks.

Designed for leisure professionals, our Ø4.75 mm polyamide walking net offers exceptional durability. The 50mm square mesh ensures both safety and comfort. This versatile product can be integrated into various environments, including leisure centers, adventure parks, and play areas in shopping centers. Perfect for operators looking to diversify their attractions.

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Ease of installation

Our walking net is made of Ø4.75 mm polyamide, ensuring exceptional longevity. Ideal for intensive use.

The 50mm square mesh design provides optimal safety for users while maintaining a high level of comfort.

This walking net can be integrated into various environments, providing excellent added value for park operators.

With customization options, our netting is easy to install, saving time and resources.

Your frequently asked questions

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How is the durability of the Walking Net ensured?

Durability is guaranteed by the use of Ø4.75 mm polyamide, a robust and reliable material.

Is the Walking Net safe for all ages?

Yes, the 50 mm square mesh ensures optimal safety for all users.

Can I personalize the Walking Net?

Yes, we offer several customization options to best suit your needs.

How to maintain the walking net?

Simple regular cleaning is enough to keep the net in perfect condition.

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Why the Walking Net is the ideal choice for your park

The Walking Net is not only a versatile addition to your leisure park, but it also offers a unique experience for your customers. Designed with exceptional durability, this product requires little maintenance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

A profitable investment

By choosing the Walking Net, you are investing in a high quality product that will last for years. Its robustness guarantees less time and money spent on maintenance and repairs.

Safety and comfort

Safety is a priority, and our net is no exception. The 50mm square mesh is designed to provide safety without sacrificing comfort.

Installation flexibility

With customization options available, the Walking Net can be installed in a variety of environments, making it a versatile choice for any leisure park operator.