Suspended keel workshop

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A suspended keel for a great ropes ropes course . This wooden workshop is made in France. To be installed at height , it is suitable for all ages and can be easily installed within your adventure park. The suspended keel is a must!

Our French team supports you in carrying out your leisure park project. tailor-made installation adaptability and exclusive know-how. Our products and workshops are manufactured in France by your expert adventure park manufacturer, Amazone Adventure.

Equip your course with the suspended keel , a fun and playful workshop. The suspended keel is a high footbridge to cross . Visitors to your adventure park will need to demonstrate agility during this event. Easy and quick to install, this workshop fits perfectly into your natural site with pine or larch . Enjoy a ropes course s products on our site to provide a sensational and complete experience.

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The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth


The Suspended Keel is made from a class 4 autoclave wooden log, offering increased resistance to bad weather and pests, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your park.

With varied line length options, from 1m to 3m, and two types of rope to choose from, this product offers plenty of room for customization to perfectly suit your needs.

The lines are designed with thimbled loops and hanging rings at the top, guaranteeing reliable attachment and safe use.

The Suspended Keel can be installed in a variety of environments, whether indoors or outdoors, providing versatility that makes it a valuable addition to any leisure park.

Your frequently asked questions

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What is the lifespan of the Suspended Keel?

Durability is a major advantage of this product, notably thanks to the use of class 4 autoclave wood.

Is the product adaptable to different spaces?

Yes, with hanger length options from 1m to 3m, the Suspended Keel can be adapted to various space configurations.

What security measures are included?

The lines of the Suspended Keel are secured with thimbled loops and hanging rings at the top.

Is the product difficult to maintain?

No, the quality of the materials used simplifies maintenance, which makes the Suspended Keel a practical choice for any professional fleet.

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Why choose the Suspended Keel for your ropes course

In the professional leisure sector, operators are constantly looking for equipment that combines durability, safety and adaptability.  The Suspended Keel  is precisely one of these options, designed to meet strict standards while offering great room for customization.

A sustainable investment

One of the main advantages of the Suspended Keel is its durability. Made from a class 4 autoclave wooden log, this equipment is resistant to bad weather and parasites. It's a smart choice for those looking to minimize long-term maintenance costs.

Flexibility and customization

The choice between several line lengths and rope types allows operators to customize the Suspended Keel according to the specific needs of their space. Whether your park is large or small, this equipment can be adapted accordingly.

Safety first

Safety is a major concern for any leisure park operator. The design of the Suspended Keel includes lug loops and hanging rings at the top, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment.