Hanging Rope Ladder

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This workshop with hanging rope ladders is a timeless adventure park staple. It presents a certain level of difficulty which allows users to challenge themselves and train in the practice of the sport ropes course . Our designers create tailor-made plans in France for your leisure parks and install the equipment directly in your center.

  • Suspended workshop
  • Made to measure
  • Customization possible
  • French design
  • Built with French materials by our manufacturers

There are plenty of hanging rope ladder workshops for your adventure journey. They can be made from plans already made or tailor-made according to your criteria. This rope ladder workshop is made up of several small wooden logs separated by a few centimeters. It is very popular with children and adults of all levels. Adventurers will test their agility and patience.

It is possible to obtain fittings of any size, 100% customizable and made to measure in our French premises.

Manufacturer, constructor
of ropes course

The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth

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