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Discover the Be One Carabiner, designed for sport climbing. It stands out for its durability and its design focused on rope protection.

The Be One Carabiner is specially designed for sport climbing enthusiasts and professionals. Its enlarged landing zone reduces lateral friction on the rope during a fall, thus increasing the longevity of your equipment. Made from aluminum, it weighs just 52.2g but offers impressive strength with a large axle at 22kN and a small axle at 7kN. The 12mm cylindrical structure is ideal for better reception of the rope, making it an optimal choice for repeated use in complete safety.

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Rope durability

The enlarged landing area reduces lateral friction on the rope, thus extending its life. This is a considerable advantage for leisure centers where the equipment is heavily used.

With a resistance of 22kN on the major axis and 7kN on the minor axis, this carabiner combines lightness and robustness, guaranteeing secure professional use.

Weighing just 52.2g, the BEAL Be One is a practical solution for operators looking to maximize efficiency without compromising safety.

Made from high quality aluminum, this carabiner is both strong and lightweight, ideal for heavy use in climbing parks and other recreational facilities.

Your frequently asked questions

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What is the estimated lifespan of this carabiner?

Lifespan depends on use, but thanks to its robust design and high resistance, the Be One is designed for prolonged professional use.

Is it compatible with all ropes?

Yes, its 12mm structure is designed to accommodate a wide variety of ropes used in sport climbing.

Is the Be One carabiner certified?

Yes, it complies with safety standards and is certified for sport climbing.

How does this carabiner protect the rope?

Its enlarged landing zone reduces lateral friction on the rope, which extends the life of your equipment.

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Safety and performance: the advantages of the Be One Carabiner

When it comes to selecting climbing equipment, safety is the number one concern. The BEAL Be One Carabiner is specially designed to meet this essential need in sport climbing. With exceptional long axis strength at 22kN (2200 kg) and a design that minimizes lateral friction on the rope, this carabiner sets a new standard in the industry.

Quality materials for durable use 

Made from aluminum, this carabiner is not only sturdy but also incredibly lightweight, weighing just 52.2g. It is perfect for professional climbing park operations where equipment longevity is crucial.

Innovative design for a better experience

One of the notable advantages of the BEAL Be One Carabiner is its 12mm cylindrical structure which reduces lateral friction, thus extending the life of the rope. This innovative design makes it indispensable for high-end climbing installations.

The ideal investment for leisure professionals 

If you are a park operator or an investor looking to diversify your leisure offering, this carabiner represents a safe and reliable investment. It is also compatible with a wide range of climbing configurations, offering unprecedented versatility.