Vertigo Twist Lock carabiner

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The VERTIGO TWIST-LOCK carabiner is designed to equip PROGRESS lanyards. It is the reliable and secure fixing solution for professional leisure parks.

The Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner, designed by the renowned PETZL brand, stands out as a reliable choice for professionals in the leisure sector. Designed to meet strict safety and durability requirements, this carabiner combines ease of use with uncompromising performance. Whether you are an adventure park operator or a leisure investor, the Vertigo Twist Lock gives you the quality and reliability needed to operate with confidence.

• Designed to be used at the end of the PROGRESS lanyard.
• Can be combined with the CAPTIVO bar to encourage the loading of the carabiner along the major axis, limit the risk
of overturning and secure it to the device.
• Facilitates handling:
- excellent grip thanks to the ergonomic shape,
- easy-to-use TWIST-LOCK automatic locking system.
Unlocking is done by simple rotation, - large opening to easily connect the carabiner,
- Keylock system to prevent any accidental snagging of the carabiner.
• Simplified product control:
- H profile protecting the markings from abrasion,
- identification by Datamatrix code to quickly check the product

Manufacturer, constructor
of ropes course

The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth

Enhanced security
Extreme durability
Ergonomic design
Quality certification

The PETZL Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner is equipped with a twist locking mechanism, ensuring maximum security for your installations.

Made with high quality materials, this carabiner withstands harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring increased longevity.

The ergonomics of the carabiner allow easy use, making it ideal even for the most complex routes.

This product is certified in accordance with international standards, ensuring that it meets the strictest safety and performance criteria.

Your frequently asked questions

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How does the Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner ensure security?

It is equipped with a twist lock mechanism which prevents accidental opening.

What type of materials are used?

High quality materials resistant to wear and outdoor elements are used in the construction of this carabiner.

Is it easy to use?

The ergonomic design allows easy handling, even in the most difficult conditions.

Is the product certified?

Yes, the Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner complies with international safety and performance standards.

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How does the Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner stand out in the market?

In a competitive sector like professional leisure, every detail counts. The Vertigo Twist Lock Carabiner stands out for its twist locking mechanism, an innovation from the PETZL brand. This mechanism ensures that the carabiner remains in place even in extreme conditions, eliminating the risk of accidents due to faulty equipment.

Profitable investment for professionals

One of the main advantages of this product is its durability. Made with top quality materials, it offers exceptional resistance to wear and the elements, making it a long-term investment for your leisure park. Its initial cost is easily paid for by its longevity and reliability, making the Vertigo Twist Lock a wise choice for any serious professional.

Compliance and certifications

For operators and investors, compliance with standards is an essential criterion. The PETZL Vertigo Twist Lock is certified according to strict international standards, reassuring you not only of its quality, but also of its compliance with current regulations. This facilitates audit and compliance processes, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.