Djinn carabiner

8.33 /pcs

The Djinn Carabiner is designed to guarantee robustness and efficiency, ideal for leisure professionals wishing to optimize the safety and performance of their installations.

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The Djinn Carabiner is an essential tool for any leisure professional focused on safety and durability. This premium carabiner is made from sturdy aluminum and is certified according to CE EN 12275 type B and UIAA standards. The optimized design provides a large friction zone for the rope, thus limiting pulling and extending the life of the rope and carabiner. The curved finger stabilizes the rope and facilitates clipping, while the Keylock system prevents accidental snagging during manipulation. Available in two versions and several colors.

Robustness and Reliability
Optimized Design
Certifications and Compliance
Versatility and Options

The construction quality of the Djinn Carabiner ensures great mechanical reliability, thanks to its robust aluminum, which makes it ideal for intensive use in various leisure environments.

The curved finger design allows for easy and efficient clipping, while the Keylock system minimizes involuntary snagging, making handling smoother.

This carabiner complies with strict industry standards, including CE EN 12275 type B and UIAA, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety.

The Djinn Carabiner is available in two versions – straight finger and curved finger – and in several colors, allowing it to be adapted to different needs and preferences.

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What are the certifications of this product?


The Djinn Carabiner is certified to CE EN 12275 type B and UIAA standards, ensuring compliance with industry safety standards.

How does the Keylock system work?


The Keylock system of the Djinn Carabiner has been designed to avoid involuntary snagging during handling, thus providing a safer user experience.

Is the carabiner suitable for various uses?


Yes, thanks to its robustness and versatility it is ideal for a variety of leisure activities, including aerial games and water facilities.

How durable is this carabiner?


The Djinn Carabiner is made of high quality aluminum, which ensures its durability and resistance to wear, even under intensive use conditions.

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A smart investment in security

The Djinn Carabiner is more than just an accessory; it is a key component that directly influences the safety and durability of your installations. This robust product gives you exceptional peace of mind, notably thanks to its CE and UIAA industrial certifications.

Ease of use and versatility

The large opening of the carabiner finger, combined with its Keylock system, makes handling easier and safer. Its versatility makes it

Features and options 

The Djinn is available in two versions – straight finger and curved finger – and in several colors, providing options for different needs and preferences. Each of these versions is optimized to facilitate handling, whether carabinering or unclipping.