Suspended ZigZag footbridge workshop

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Create your tailor-made adventure course with this Suspended ZigZag footbridge workshop. This original footbridge is an essential part of the Ropes Course parks.

  • 35 x 140 x 900mm 
  • Cabled rope Ø16mm
  • Module of 2 boards 3 ropes with connectors for connection with the following module. 
  • Add a starting module
  • Cable height 1m
  • Grooved board 35mm thick and crimped cable rope Ø16mm.
  • Hardware provided. (cable clamp and acorn nut)
  • Color of the wired rope of your choice.
  • Wood Autoclave pine class IV or natural larch class 3
  • Hand cable workshop

Integrate the famous Zigzag workshop into your adventure park. Equip your ropes course course with suspended workshops such as our balance beams, bridges and footbridges .

The Zigzag walkway is a series of steps fixed to the cable using cable ties (provided).

Shaped like waves, this suspended wooden walkway will put your visitors' balance and vertigo to the test. The rope connectors allow you to combine other modules with this gateway. This is the perfect activity to provide an immersive and fun ropes course experience.

Manufacturer, constructor
of ropes course

The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth

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