Socks for trampoline park

In the world of trampoline parks, details make the difference. One of the key elements for a successful experience is undoubtedly the right sock.

Safety is paramount in these dynamic play spaces. Our grip socks guarantee optimal grip, minimizing the risk of slips and falls, and allowing everyone to have fun with complete confidence.

But it's not just about security. Comfort is just as essential. Our trampoline park socks, made from breathable materials, ensure a pleasant feeling with every jump, for an unrivaled experience.

Our grip socks

Discover a collection of grip socks for trampoline parks, designed to combine safety, comfort and durability.

Make your choice based on the material

The non-slip socks are made from premium materials , ensuring comfort, durability, and optimal grip for safe jumping. Several meshes are available to you:

  • Jersey: Best-selling reference model in the world, ideal for logos and very detailed designs.
  • Fishnet: Ventilated sock with Spandex band for a perfect fit and double thickness for exceptional comfort, while limiting perspiration.
  • Terry: Addition of a fleece layer for a cushion effect. Ideal for limited series.

Payment facility 3x-6x-12x

Take advantage of a tailor-made payment solution from 3 to 12 installments free of charge to facilitate your orders while taking advantage of warranty extensions and direct debit to secure your purchases.

icon to present Storkeo's storage solutions for grip socks for trampoline parks

International storage solution

Take advantage of a permanent stock close to your fleet for more flexibility and delivery within 24 hours.

Rocket delivery and deadlines

Opt for our flexible delivery format: Same-day departure for in-stock models and within 25 days for your personalized models, giving you the freedom to choose according to your needs.


We understand that every detail counts to make your trampoline park an unforgettable and unique experience. This is why we offer a high-end customization for non-slip socks, an essential accessory for the safety and comfort of your customers.

Here are the customizable elements of our grip socks:

  • Material: Choose from a variety of fabrics to find the ideal comfort.
  • Mesh: Select mesh type for tailored breathability and texture.
  • Colors: Choose your favorite colors or those that match your brand.
  • Pattern / Logo: Add distinctive patterns and/or your logo for a personal touch.
  • Grip: Choose the type of non-slip grip according to your preference or specific need.
  • Size: Select the perfect size for an optimal and comfortable fit.
photos which present the different types of grip - grip socks

Types of grip

At Storkeo, we offer a range of non-slip socks with innovative grip options , specially designed to meet the requirements of every trampoline park, both indoors and outdoors. customizable grip solutions , each targeted for specific applications to optimize the safety and comfort of your visitors.

  • Full Grip and Customizable: This option provides full sole coverage for maximum grip, perfect for parks looking for uncompromising safety. It allows total customization; you can affix your logo, your colors or any pattern symbolizing your brand, thus offering a unique user experience and reinforcing your visual identity.
  • Transparent Grip: It combines discretion and efficiency, without compromising safety. This alternative is ideal for parks that want to preserve the design of their custom socks while ensuring excellent grip on jumping areas.
  • Partial Grip: Solution specially designed to limit friction on slides or airbag arrivals. The goal is to allow users to slide while maintaining grip for parts with canvas. This coating is ideal for avoiding marks linked to friction on sliding areas.

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best-selling socks

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Pro Anti-Slip Socks

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Original Anti-Slip Socks

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Essential Anti-Slip Socks

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Performance Anti-Slip Socks

Our delivery methods

Choose your pace with our flexible delivery service!
Whether you opt for socks ready to send or personalized according to your tastes, we adapt to your tempo:

– Express departure: Your socks in stock ready to leave in less than 24 hours.
– Custom creation: Personalized socks made especially for you and shipped within 25 days.

Freedom is at your feet!
Enjoy delivery tailored to your needs, without sacrificing the quality of your choices.

Size guide

8-10 CHILD
9-11 CHILD
8-10 ADULT
9-11 ADULT

*The cm correspond to the length under the foot. *Special XXL series – very large size 47+, available on request. *Sizes may vary slightly depending on materials.

Your frequently asked questions

We are here to answer all your questions, don't wait any longer to make an appointment with a project manager.

Why use non-slip trampoline park socks?

Using non-slip trampoline park socks ensures better grip, reducing the risk of injury due to slips or falls.

Are these socks suitable for all ages?

Yes, our socks are designed for everyone from children to adults, ensuring a safe trampoline experience for everyone.

How do I maintain my trampoline socks?

To extend the life of your socks, it is recommended to wash them by hand or machine on a gentle cycle. Avoid tumble drying to preserve their elasticity.

Can I buy these socks in bulk for my trampoline park?

Yes, we offer great rates for bulk purchases. Contact us for more information.

Which socks to choose for your trampoline?

To practice the activity in trampoline parks, it is recommended to choose special non-slip socks. These socks are designed to improve grip on the trampoline canvas, which will allow your clients to jump safely. There are several types of socks, several sizes and several models. Basics are recommended . If you are unsure, contact us.

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Trampoline park socks, an essential!

When it comes to trampoline parks, every detail counts to maximize fun while ensuring optimal safety. It is with this in mind that our trampoline park socks have been designed. Let's start by addressing the issue of security. Grip Socks are an essential element to prevent the risk of falls. Trampolines, with their elastic surfaces, can become slippery, especially during intense activities. Our socks offer exceptional grip thanks to their innovative design, ensuring maximum grip with every jump.

But the benefits don't stop there. With a multitude of sizes available, we ensure that every user, regardless of age or size, enjoys the perfect fit. A precise fit not only increases comfort but also improves performance and safety. In addition, the possibility of personalization brings an additional dimension to the experience. Whether for corporate events, birthday parties or just to stand out, having personalized socks can make the experience even more memorable.

Finally, sustainability is a key element of our offer. In an environment as demanding as a trampoline park, it is essential that socks can withstand wear and tear. Our socks are made with high quality materials, ensuring a long life even with frequent use. They retain their shape, their color and, above all, their grip, wash after wash.

To sum up, choosing the right trampoline park socks is crucial. Between safety, comfort, customization and durability, our socks offer everything you could need for an optimal trampoline experience.