Alphabet gateway module

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The alphabet gateway is the ideal height module to integrate the name of your brand in full view of all your visitors on your ropes course course. Take advantage of a wide selection of wooden modules and equipment to create a unique leisure park. Our solution allows you to carry out your tailor-made park projects, don't wait any longer and contact us.

  • Letters 550 mm wide
  • Letter in marine plywood (suitable for outdoor use)
  • Fixing on 3 cables for more stability
  • Hardware supplied (cable clamp shoe and lock nut)
  • Wood Class IV Autoclave Pine or Class 3 Natural Larch
  • Foot cable workshop

Highlight the aesthetics and identity of your brand with this alphabet gateway! Enter the name of your park to create a personalized module. Our wooden modules are 100% Made In France.  

Integrate your brand name into your journey on a workshop such as the Alphabet Gateway. It is the perfect structure to highlight the identity of your site while preserving the authentic charm and natural setting with wooden materials and marine plywood letters, suitable for outdoor use. This module on a foot cable, to be crossed, is ideal for offering your visitors a complete and unique elevated journey.

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Ease of installation

The letters of the Passerelle Alphabet Module are manufactured with a thickness of 15 mm, ensuring their durability and resistance to bad weather

The product comes with all necessary mounting accessories, allowing for hassle-free installation.

In addition to the letters, the color of the module can be personalized according to your preferences, thus offering real harmony with the rest of your park.

The module can be used to indicate different types of information, from the name of the park to thematic messages or difficulty levels.

Your frequently asked questions

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How durable are the letters?

The letters are 15 mm thick, making them particularly durable and weather-resistant.

Are mounting accessories included?

Yes, all necessary mounting accessories are included in the package.

Can I customize the color of the letters?

Absolutely, the colors are completely customizable. You can choose between yellow, green, blue and black.

Can the Alphabet Gateway Module be used for multiple purposes?

Yes, you can use this module for various indications, from the name of the park to thematic messages.

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Improve your journey with the Alphabet Gateway module

In the world of ropes course , customization and quality of equipment are essential. This is where the Alphabet Gateway Module comes in. This unique solution allows you to personalize your journey in a meaningful way.

Durability and Quality

The letters in this module are 15mm thick, making them extremely durable. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also designed to withstand the elements.

Simplified installation

One of the biggest advantages of this product is its ease of installation. The supplied mounting accessories ensure quick and safe installation.

Adapts to your needs

Whether you want to display the name of your park or provide level indications, the Alphabet Gateway Module is the ideal solution.