Tibetan Bridge Workshop

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The Tibetan bridge is a fun and sporting workshop for adventure parks. The ropes are very resistant to bad weather, the weight of users and wear. This workshop allows you to offer a higher difficulty than your ropes course . The item is easy to install, which is perfect for quickly offering this activity to your audience who are keen on adventures and challenges.

  • 2.5m hangers
  • Quick setup
  • Walking rope bridge
  • For adventure park

The Tibetan Bridge is an adventure park workshop inspired by ancient civilizations. This bridge is equipped with 2.5m hangers placed every 0.50m. It is designed with walking ropes that are very resistant to weight and wear. This workshop is carried out by your Urban Koncept designer and it is created by our manufacturers with 100% French materials. Installation is very easy and quick. It will therefore be possible to very quickly offer this arrangement to your adventurers.

Choose your future workshops for your ropes course parks from our wide selection or with our team to build a tailor-made structure. It is possible to make a request for maintenance of your equipment if necessary.

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