Rolling tray

230.00 /pcs

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The zip line on a rolling platform is the ideal workshop for equipping your course with varied activities at height. Our professionals support you in carrying out your tailor-made leisure park project. Offer your visitors a unique ropes course experience.

  • Zipline accessory
  • Rolling tray
  • Marine plywood form
  • Ascended with 4 pulleys
  • Provide a rope (ref COR1A1M5 pulley) to hold on to and 2 rolling game spacers (ref ECAJR)
  • Possibility of adding a rolling game booster kit
  • Low cable workshop

Add zipline activities to your leisure site like this rolling platform zipline.

This workshop is a suspended passage to be crossed on a rolling platform. Made in France, this tray is made of marine plywood and is mounted with four pulleys.

Customizable on request, the rolling platform zip line is perfect for setting up a unique ropes course course. The balance of your visitors will be put to the test in this workshop. Find all the leisure essentials on our selection of accessories and workshops for adventure parks, and offer circuits at different levels of difficulty with more challenge.

Manufacturer, constructor
of ropes course

The pleasure of adventure suspended between sky and earth

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