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The self-supported ropes course , originating from the Nordic countries, have existed since the 2000s, offering an unprecedented mobility advantage.

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The self-supported ropes course is an activity that is both stimulating and fun, perfect for strengthening the bond between participants. Mainly targeting young people and families, it also attracts business groups and friends looking for a unique experience. These carefully designed courses offer challenges suitable for all ages, promising adventure, thrills and laughter in complete safety.

The universal appeal of ride-on ropes course translates into impressive profitability for operators. With an average ticket priced at €25, parks can expect a constant influx of visitors throughout the year. On average, a well-located and well-managed park can attract thousands of visitors per month, generating significant revenue. The importance of location, seasonal promotions and good management is crucial to maximizing these profits.

The design and construction process of the ropes course is a synergy between technical expertise and artistic vision. The price difference between services often depends on the complexity of the route, the materials used and the size of the land. On average, creating a self-supported ropes course can take a few months, depending on the specifics of the project. France being one of the pioneers in this field, most of the major players are based locally, thus guaranteeing incomparable quality and expertise.

Did you know that self-supported ropes course , in addition to being a leisure activity, has advantages in terms of personal development? Indeed, navigating through the courses can build self-confidence, develop coordination and teach the importance of perseverance. A great way to combine entertainment and personal learning!

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Creating a self-supported ropes course park requires expertise, vision and rigor. With Storkeo at your side, simplify each phase of this exciting challenge:

  • Personalized assessment : Our specialists work closely with you to create a ropes course that reflects your aspirations and expectations.

  • Real estate research : The location of your park is essential. Through our extensive network, we help you find the perfect location to maximize the scope and profitability of your project.

  • Design and construction : We provide comprehensive management from planning to construction, guaranteeing deadlines met and budgetary control. Our unique know-how allows us to bring a qualitative distinction to each park.

  • Maintenance and spare parts : Beyond construction, our support continues. Ensure optimal durability for your fleet thanks to our tailor-made maintenance solutions and our rich catalog of spare parts.

With Storkeo, your vision is transformed into a tangible, lasting and profitable reality.

  • Each step of creating your self-supporting ropes course is crucial:

    • Contact : An in-depth discussion with a dedicated project manager to fully understand your needs.

    • Presentation : We present various ideas and concepts to you to fuel your vision.

    • Pre-file : After integrating your feedback, we put together a solid and convincing preliminary file.

    • Final study : We finalize all the details to offer you a turnkey proposal.

    • Signature : With all the elements in place, we proceed to formalize our collaboration.

    • Execution : We take care of all logistics, from scheduling to finalizing the site, while ensuring transparent communication.

    • Maintenance : Our support continues with a complete maintenance solution to ensure the longevity of your installation.

Investing in a ride-on ropes course is a big decision. At Storkeo, we have simplified this process:

  • Personalized solutions : We analyze each project to connect it with the best financial options through our network of financial partners.
  • Comprehensive guidance : From start to finish, our team supports you in your financial choices and decisions, ensuring maximum profitability.
  • Flexibility : We understand that needs evolve. Thus, we adapt and guide you in your financial choices to ensure the sustainability of your fleet.

A self-supported ropes course cannot succeed without a strategic location:

  • In-depth analysis : Our team analyzes your needs to determine the essential criteria for your land or building.

  • Variety of choice : Our network offers you a range of land and buildings, for purchase or rental, meeting your criteria.

  • Negotiation and acquisition : Our expertise ensures you obtain the best conditions for your location, in terms of price and compliance.

Choosing Storkeo means guaranteeing an optimal location for your self-supported ropes course project, with all the necessary support and advice.

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What is the difference between traditional ropes course and self-supported ropes course ?


The self-supporting ropes course is mobile and does not require trees for its installation.

What is the average lifespan of a self-supporting ropes course ?


With proper maintenance, it can last more than 10 years.

Is it possible to customize the ride- ropes course according to my needs?


Absolutely, at Storkeo we adapt the ropes course to your specific requirements.

How do you guarantee the security of your installations?


All our self-supported ropes course meet strict standards and are regularly inspected.

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    In the changing landscape of leisure activities, the ride ropes course is emerging as an innovative and exciting solution for professionals in the sector. Offering a unique combination of adventure and outdoor sport, this activity appeals to a wide and diverse audience, from families to corporate groups. At Storkeo, as a leading manufacturer in this field, we understand the dynamics of this rising trend.

    The growing popularity of the self-supported ropes course is not only due to its entertaining nature. It is also a response to the growing demand for activities that promote physical and mental well-being, while allowing participants to reconnect with nature. Thanks to secure facilities and courses suitable for all levels, the self-supported ropes course promises an enriching experience for all ages.

    For professionals in the leisure sector, investing in this activity offers an exceptional opportunity. With a good marketing and management strategy, returns on investment can be rapid and significant. Additionally, evolving technology and design methods mean that today's ropes course parks are safer, more durable and more exciting than ever before.

    Choosing Storkeo means opting for unrivaled expertise in the field. We provide a complete solution, from initial design to implementation, ensuring every aspect of your fleet is optimized for success. Our partnerships with key industry players ensure you receive the best in materials, design and after-sales service.

    In conclusion, self-supported ropes course is not just a passing trend. It is an activity that, with the right partner, can turn into a successful and sustainable business. With Storkeo by your side, bring your vision to life and establish yourself as a leader in this exciting field.